“teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park” is a large-scale exhibition that is designed to stimulate people’s creativity and collaborative minds with a form of Future Park. Combining art exhibitions and futuristic amusement park, this exhibition attracted more than 460,000 visitors when firstly opened in Odaiba, Tokyo, in 2015. It was awarded ‘TOP 10 art exhibitions of 2015‘ from the world’s biggest creative media ‘designboom.

‘The Living Digital Space and Future Parks’, the 2nd exhibition that is currently being held in Silicon Valley, reportedly destroyed the long-lasting anti-art tradition of the west coast. Marina Bay Sands, the world’s biggest hotel complex located in Singapore, is home to a permanent exhibition since March 2016. The news is covered by numerous local media, including 2 top national newspapers in Singapore. teamLab’s exhibition has been opened also in Thailand from May. From August, teamLab opened their second permanent exhibition at Lotte World (Seoul, South Korea).

Jul 08 – Nov 30, 2017 OCT Harbour-OCT Creative Exhibition CenterShenzhen, China