YSLE island in old French, floated to the surface in 2007 and has been a growing outpost of metropolitan minimalist chic.

It is an independent archipelago of handbags, accessories, shoes and apparel and more.  A dominion of fashion without borders, democracy of shapes, materials and colors, where the official language is that of style.

XYSLE transmits to the world a message of luxury, craftsmanship and finesse as prerequisites of the everyday. An homage to fashion as an art-form drawing inspiration from the street kids. Minimal shapes with a touch of flare, edgy angles,  practical adornments and dormant innuendos; attention grabbing paradox without dilemma. Lighthearted chic that does not declare war on budget.

YSLE was discovered by Cris and Kuni, Germans in New York  reading Marco Polo en route to China. Nomads like Marco, they cross-pollinate ideas between continents,  producing and distributing their line internationally.

Both Cris and Kuni share a relentless involvement with design, which they see as a tongue of self-expression, social commentary and general space and time analytics. While Kuni was sewing couture, Cris was making a pop culture magazine. When Cris was shooting Fashion photography around the world, Kuni was styling for top photographers and models. XYSLE is the new manifestation of their joint efforts and inspiration.