XYSLE expresses affordable sophistication and luxury with a hip edge. They offer everyday functionality at everyday prices for fashion-conscious people of all ages looking for an expression of urban chic.

Here we offer a malleable platform, based on our experience, but, really, on what we feel looks good and makes sense at the moment. A forum for style, where we start a dialog that takes off in many directions. A place to share viewpoints, give tips, create monsters, clothes, link, and swap, of course, observe and appreciate beautiful creations, accessories, apparel, styling, photography, shopping, traveling, video, art, and culture.

XYSLE is a way for us to speak, and we tend to trust the language of design as a tongue of self-expression, social commentary, and public space and time analytics. Through XYSLE we are saying “elegant, but edgy and independent-minded. Sophisticated, even luxury, but everyday, street smart, practical. Fancy, intelligent, attention-grabbing, stunning, but definitely affordable, and young, and easy-going, and playful.” We are looking towards people like us, or like we are trying to be every day, who are involved in culture blender on many different levels and many different parts of the world.

Who try to stay on top and stay in touch, but stay in tune and stay true. We pay homage to design as an art-form, but we look for inspiration towards the street kids. We are shape-shifters, juggling styles, and tasks, and ideas, but the shape always has to be tasteful, or it hurts. We are nomads, gathering information at high-end world metropolises and then
camping at the factories way out there to see how it’s coming along.


25th floor Workington Tower 78
Bonham Strand Sheung Wan
Hong Kong

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